Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Grandfather Concept


gbowles said...

you are a very talented fellow, keep up the great work!

therichjerk101 said...

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Kt Shy said...

Look Bernard look! I posted a comment on your blog! Did your fancy blog counter tell you I visited at exactly 3:28am and that I'm eating a bucket of hagen daz icecream? If it did it's a filthy liar! *shifts eyes*.
Hey! Hey listen! If I promise to keep updating will you add my blog to your link list? Hey? Will you? Will you? Hey... yes?

OKAY! See you at work mr.infamous.

~ Katie

Bernard Joaquin said...

Hey geroge

thanks man.....I will try...

Hey Katie

Ya I will add you just never had a chance really.......sorry about that....funny message...the counter only says how many people visit not the time they visit....hahahahha....but ya it also did say that you were eating a bucket of hagen daz icecream and that you got weird spider in your room....heheheh

thanks for your comments

Unknown said...

Your art work is fantastic and thanks for posting it up on your blog. I hope you keep posting; looking forward to more art.

John Nevarez said...

Nice sketch! In fact love all your work! Keep them beauties coming.

Unknown said...

Great design!! This character is very appealing!! beautiful

Bernard Joaquin said...

thanks for your comments judgeholden and alina chau..
And John.....I'm constantly on your site to see if you post more stuff....your drawing are very cool....thanks for your kind words man....

pretty cool

hassan said...

Hi BenerdWalkin

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Josh said...

Hi BenerdWalkin

When I saw Grandfather Concept I had to read a little more.


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Anonymous said...

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